Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Robert Pattinson Is From the UK


I couldn't stay away.

I just had to tell you! Tonight I had my first real lesson in Chinese. Before tonight we've only studied General Grammar and Elementary Linguistics, like I mentioned in a previous post. But tonight it happened! I got to speak Chinese!

It was really difficult, but it was sooo much fun. The teacher didn't say a word in anything other than Chinese, and since I haven't had any contact with Chinese whatsoever (except when I've been to a Chinese restaurant, but that doesn't count) it was pretty confusing. But I now know how to introduce myself and say that Robert Pattinson is an Englishman.

Yes, the teacher used Robert Pattinson as an example. I didn't know if I was to laugh or throw up, so I settled for laughing. More sanitary.

I would tell you how to say what nationality Mr. Pattinson is of, except I don't know how it's spelled. Sorry!


There seems to be some kind of curse put upon me to keep me from attending class. One or two weeks ago the train to Stockholm was so delayed that I missed my class, and today the subway had some difficulties which led to all trains being canceled. I had to walk so far in order to catch the right bus. >.< I got there right on time though, but I'm still annoyed, haha. I don't like it when people/stuff interfere with my business.

Now I will have to study, I shouldn't even be on the computer in the first place.


  1. Poupée är alla hjärtans dag-söt idag!! >w< Jättefin! Och läraren har verkligen gjort sig populär ;D Tänk dig Sören använda Robert Pattinson som exempel på... öh... ekonomi? Psykologi? Äh. Men läraren är i alla fall sweet ;D