Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snuggle Pug


I'm thinking about buying a pug.

I really love pugs, they're so adorable and cuddly.

I'm thinking about naming him Wendel. ♥

Cute, huh? ♥♥

But I'm not sure yet, because pugs prefer families with children. I must ask some people if it would work out anyway.

If it would, then I'll have to start saving! A pug costs between 15.000-25.000 SEK. But I want my little Wendel, so I'll work hard!


  1. gulligt! >w< kallas mops verkligen puggle på engelska? <3 visste jag inte. jaa, jobba hårt! en dag ska wendel sitta i ditt knä och mysa :3

  2. puggles rock!

  3. Ah, pengar D:

    Spotify-reklam </3

    By thw way, jag funderar på att skaffa ameblo, men jag har redan, LJ OCH bdb. Hur många blogs har du?

  4. Mm, yes, he his really, really sexy in that.