Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Morning

Guten Morgen, everybody~!

I just got up, and I slept soooo well. Hope you did too.

On the agenda today is nothing but studying, which isn't really one of my fortes. But yesterday I had to reap what I had sown, and it didn't taste very well, haha. Mostly I just got humiliation.

Now I'm off into the shower, and then I'll eat some breakfast. I managed to find some peas and rice, so today I'll have a feast!

What are your plans for today?


  1. du vet redan vad jag har haft för mig ;D men bara som ett tips för att det ska gå bättre och plugga, vore det inte bra att sitta på stadsbibilioteket istället? jag pluggar 600% mer effektivt, minst, nu när jag sitter på jb. så kommer man bort från sin håla ett tag också. :3

  2. Nah, well, I guess it could work, but I need access to my computer (since I'm too tight-fisted to buy the literature), and I'm not in the mood of dragging it across town, lol. xD