Monday, April 12, 2010

The Weekend of Hell

I am so happy the weekend is finally over...

You know how you sometimes can feel like the entire world is against you? Like everything you do fails, and all the fucked-up-ness of the world is aimed at you?

I just had an entire WEEKEND of that shit.

A lot of small, annoying things happened (involving my hair and make up and other petty stuff), but the major evils that I caused myself took place on both Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday I went into town, to do some shopping and to check out UppCon (OMGCOSPLAYERSILOVEYOU!!!!). And well, I'm a glutton, so it was only a matter of time before I found myself at McDonald's, taking great pleasure in a cheeseburger. I finished my burger, threw away the litter and went to buy a mascara.

So I was standing at the cashier, the salesman had just told me the sum and I was about to extract my cards so I could pay. Only one problem: I had no goddamn cards. Well, this was embarrassing. I searched my pockets, my bag, my pockets again, all to no prevail. In the end my friend had to pay for it.

I of course realized that I'd lost the card at McDo. We returned there, only to see the garbage being emptied, and with it my precious card. Yes. There went the ability to buy food. Today I've eaten a total of 75 kcal.

The day after, I was headed towards town again, when I wanted to check what the time was. zoo-bie's hand enters her pocket... And once again grasps nothing but air and an old, crumpled receipt. I am so lucky I'm not prone to nervousness. Otherwise I fear the knowledge that in two days having lost your bank card AND your cell phone, which was really expensive and you hadn't even payed off yet, would've made me have some kind of breakdown. I'm talking crying and the whole shebang.

As it was now I merely rolled my eyes and sighed in annoyance.

And when I got home I failed epically at my assignments. My grades just dropped drastically.

(Although I did find my cell phone later on.)

If you have actually endured this long, you can name your prize and I'll give it to you.

I blame this complaining on low blood glucose levels.

I'm really craving food right now.

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  1. ja, fan, mycket dåligt hände... men också mycket bra! :3 75 kcal är inte ok! ;_______; du måste äta mer! du är ju värre än någon som svälter i ett u-land. :P hoppas kortet kommer snart :3