Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Reunion

Darlings, I'm home~!

It was a very dear and tear-filled reunion.

My parents hadn't said anything about my arrival to my siblings, all part of a plan to mess with their minds. My brother was sitting in front of the computer, my sister in front of the TV, and my parents didn't think they would notice me if I just strolled in. They wanted to see how long it took for my beloved minions to realize I was present.

Just like my parents had thought, my brother didn't notice anything, even when I went right past him. My sister, on the other hand, noticed a presence in the house. She just didn't realize it was me.

After watching a ton of horror movies, my lovely baby sister was convinced the figure sneaking around in the apartment was a thief or a serial killer or something. Terrified, she didn't dare make a sound, lest she be killed. When my parents called her up to the top floor (to say hi to me, though they didn't tell), she was so nervous and scared. I was standing with my back towards her, so I only heard her ascending the stairs. When she had reached the top floor, she suddenly stood still, absolutely quiet. After several moments, she said in a shaky voice: "... Are you here?"

She burst into tears of relief and terror gone away, and in between sobs she told me she had thought she was gonna be killed, and that she was going insane when she saw me standing at the table. I just hugged her and tried to calm her down.

My parents were so cruel, my poor little baby got so scared.

Now I'm off to bed, I'm really nervous about tomorrow.

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