Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hi guys...

Recently, many of my friends have accused me of being a shopaholic. The reason would be my shopping for more than 11.000 SEK ($ 1400) in one single store. Imagine what I've bought in other stores...

I mean, yeah, I guess 11.000 is pretty much, but... It's not that bad, right?

The thing is, I can't really remember what I've bought. I just buy. And it was fun, until I got the bill from that certain store, saying I've spent 11.000 there, and I realize that I haven't got the money to pay for that. I can't even afford the rent for my apartment. So now I have to get a job.

OK, the thing is that the 'certain store' is H&M, and they are actually famous for selling cheap clothes, so reaching 11.000 is (according to my friends) rather impressive.

So maybe I need to stop. But I don't want to stop! If I want things, then I'm fucking gonna have them! God, I get so angry when someone tries to deny me anything, lol. But seriously, I get pissed, and I'm NOT going to deny myself anything. If I want it, I'm gonna have it!


But maybe I should work on it.

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  1. Aww! ♥ ♥ Anytime! ♥ Vi lyckas alltid rädda din ekonomi när den har blivit för ansträngd, det är bra, det. ♥