Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good Morning-!

Hi everybody!

Beautiful weather outside, I want to play, but everyone (Dau, lol) is busy, and I'm sick. I really need to start eating better, my immune defense seems to be pretty much non-existing. Good thing I'm going home to Mom soon then, right? ;)

I am a proud user of Bloglovin' (and if you're not, you should totally check it out, it makes it really easy to keep track of the blogs you follow), but yesterday I didn't have time to log on and see what was new.

Today when I did (so yeah, I read blogs when I eat breakfast, nothing wrong with that) I got a complete shock.

I mean, I ignore it for one single day, and immediately the number of unread entries goes up to more than 400.


Do you think I should clean out in my watch-list? Haha.

In other news, zoo-bie can proudly tell you that she's actually landed a job for the summer!


I will be sitting at an insurance company, pretty much, filling out forms. Dull, but lucrative (at least more than being unemployed, haha). Maybe I'll be able to pay my bills after all. ;)

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  1. Dumma tentaplugg och förkylning. Snuskigaste mms:et imorse, lol. xD Idag tvättar jag och jobbar med entreprenad. Hurra. Bra att vi får komma hem snart <3 (Och ja, rensa din lista!!!)