Monday, January 11, 2010


I've ordered the books to my Japanese class from Amazon Japan.

So when I had been in town, I took a little detour to 7-eleven to pay the order!

I was unsure whether it was possible to pay via 7-eleven, because the instructions were all in Japanese. On the Amazon Japan homepage they said it was possible in every 7-eleven store, though, so I decided it was worth a try.

zoo-bie: Hi, I've ordered something on the internet, and was told I could pay through you. Is that correct?

Clerk 1: Ehm, that depends on what you have ordered.

zoo-bie: Huh? Eh, I've ordered books? Why does that matter?

Clerk 1: Uh-huh... Ehm...

zoo-bie: ???

[confused pause]

zoo-bie: I got this number. [shows a serial number]

Clerk 1: Well...?

Clerk 2: Doesn't she mean she wants to send money, then?

Clerk 1: Ahaaaaaa!! :D

zoo-bie: Was it that big of a difference? >______>"

Clerk 1: But I'm still not sure whether this information is sufficient...

zoo-bie: =__________=""

Clerk 1: You can try to fill this form out anyway, but I can't guarantee that the money arrives to the right person.

zoo-bie: Whatever. [leaves the store]

So yeah, I haven't paid the bill, and today was the last day to do so. I sent a request to Amazon Japan to change the payment method, but since the order is already packaged, it's impossible to change anything.

And yes, now I'm a little worried.


  1. Herregud... Hoppas verkligen allt går bra! Japanskaböckerna är jag nyfiken på, vill titta i dem sen :3

  2. Mm, säga hej till Katou-kun igen! ♥