Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stockholm - There and Back Again

When I got accepted to the Chinese course, I was also told that the information about what to do and when was to be published on the homepage of the institution. After waiting patiently for several weeks, without any information being published at all, I decided to go to Stockholm and visit the institution today.

I mean, come on, the course starts on Monday, I'd like to know where to be at least some days before the actual date.

So, anyways, I packed my bag and headed to the train station.

200 SEK poorer and 2 hours of hardships later I found myself outside the Institution for Oriental Languages in Stockholm.

With a deep breath I entered the intimidating brick building.

Three minutes later, I'm out on the street again. It turned out that the exact day I decided I couldn't wait any longer, the Institution actually got their thumbs out of their asses and did what they should have done a week ago.

So yeah, I wasted 200 SEK and a day of my life for nothing.

And no, I couldn't have called them instead, because I hate talking on the phone.

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  1. Dryyyyygt. Men kul med resa, i alla fall!