Friday, January 8, 2010

A Grand Opening


Did I just create a new blog?

I suppose I did.

You might ask yourself exactly why I did that. Wasn't my 10 (or something) other blogs enough? Apparently not.

So, to celebrate this historical moment, I shall introduce myself!

I won't tell you my real name, because really, I'm super-paranoid, but as you may have guessed, I'm known among friends and cyber-stalkers as zoo-bie. If you want to find me practically anywhere on interweb, just type in this beautiful name or the shorter 'zoobs', and you may be sure to find me. If you don't, that means I'm not a member of that particular community.

I'm currently 19 years of age, and I live in the beautiful country of Sweden. My residence is located in Uppsala, at the moment. Try to find me if you can! I moved here to study law, but I realized very soon that I'm not meant for that. (I was simply to lazy to even try). A month after commencing at the university here I dropped out.

It was probably the lowest moment of my life, and it has caused me a lot of trouble (mostly financially). Another twist is also that I haven't told my parents yet... Yay! During these 3-4 months (days tend to float together when you haven't got anything to occupy yourself with) I've been leeching off of my friend.

Apart from being lazy and a leech, I also like spending my money on unnecessary things and dissing people. Hopefully I won't be doing so much of that in the future, though. My New Year's resolutions were
1: Get my economy stable again (this resolution is a classic, I have it every year), and
2: Be kinder. I've noticed how people tend to like nice people more than bitches.

And yeah, I also LOVE slash. Not as in the GNR-guitarist, but as in the delicious love between two members of the male sex, the more graphic the better. But fear not, I express my sinful tendencies at other places.

And right now I'm really in the mood for instant noodles.

♥ Looking forward to share my life and thoughts with you, dolls! Taa~! ♥

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