Tuesday, January 12, 2010

God, I Just Hate Coming Up With Titles!

(Seriously, I hate it!)


After enjoying my evening on my own (spent with grammar books, I know of no better way to use my freedom), I woke up early. Like, I'm not lying when I say I woke up at 9 a.m. or maybe even earlier! The plan was that I was going to treat myself to some luxury. Dress up and put on nice make-up for no other reason than to be pretty.

But you all know me.

I went straight back to bed and slept for another couple of hours. Sweet, sweet unconsciousness.

When I finally woke up again, I didn't really feel like doing anything. Yes, I'm lazy, deal with it. But, staying true to Nietzsche, I pulled myself together. Once again I headed out, albeit sans make-up, this time to purchase some stamps.

Really close to my home, there's an ICA-store. It's a small, cozy little corner-shop, but... I hate the employees. Or, more truthfully, I hate one of the employees.

I mean, this guy is seriously creepy. He's the age of my father (probably older), and e v e r y time I see him he has to flirt with me. It's really uncomfortable. It doesn't matter how coldly I act towards him, or how rude I am, he just won't stop!

And he isn't even good-looking.

If he had been handsome in that distinguished way mature men (hahahaha, euphemisms ♥) sometimes are, then it would have been kinda fun, but as it is now... I really don't like ugly people.

And I mean, this isn't me saying that I won't befriend you if you're ugly, and that if you aren't the hottest biatch on the planet you won't have a chance with me, because despite popular belief I'm not incapable of appreciating people for their inner qualities. It's just that I, like everyone else, like to look at pretty things instead of ugly.

(Trust me, if you are ugly, don't be scared off, I'll probably like you anyway. Just like I don't like people with fucked up personalities, no matter how awesomely hot they are.)

Anyway, the creepy old man freaked me out so badly that I forgot the stamps and returned home with cookies and some butter instead.


And yeah, since I don't really want to have any more contact with that guy at ICA than absolutely necessary, I haven't got a picture of him. What I do have, though, is a picture of the parking lot at my place.

Yeah, I know... totally fascinating.

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  1. Eww, jobbig gubbe. Vad säger han för grejer? Jättefin bild, förresten! Underbart ljus, fina träd och... så. Eh. ;3