Saturday, January 23, 2010

zoo-bie Never Forgets

I was walking home from the supermarket the other day, when I came to think of something that happened once when I was in Italy.

My family was headed to Milano, I think, we were traveling by train. When we rolled in to the station, we got up and took down our bags, and yeah, stuff that you do when you're about to get off the train.

There was just one problem.

My panties had slipped while I had been sitting down. It was really uncomfortable, and since I was wearing a very tight skirt, everyone would be able to see. I HAD to adjust them.

Unfortunately, the compartment was crowded with people, so I turned my back away from them and carefully grabbed my panties and pulled them right. I know, I'm just discreet like that.

It wasn't until I turned around I realized.

Behind me was a window.


Do you think my heart stopped when I turned around just to find myself looking into the eyes of this middle-aged man? Who winked at me?

God, I just wanted to die.

1 comment:

  1. haha, eeeww! ofta winked. han fann sig med andra ord fort. lite för fort, kanske. eew.